A sunny day for a Festival

This past Sunday August 18th I was a blessed to spend a sunny day in Indiana Pennsylvania at the second annual Italian festival. There were live bands playing in the bandstand all day long. Family’s were out together strolling about for the day enjoying great home made Italian food from the local restaurants.

I had on display a variety of styles of handmade jewelry for the crowds to see. I met so many interesting people during the day and the time just flew by. I want to say “Thank You” to all of my friends who came to see me and shop with me. It was great seeing all of you come out and support me and so thoughtful of you to bring me refreshments!


New Year New Beginnings!

The blessing of Christmas and cherished time spent with family is behind us. New years eve and New years day were just two quiet days in the cabin on the hill. Jerry, me & all of our furry children wondering what the new year would bring. Monday quietly rolled into Tuesday.

New Year, New beginnings! January 1st 2019 I started my new JOB! I am now officially self employed! My studio is now my work place and I am now my own boss! I have worked for this day for a very long time and this will be the BEST job I have ever had!