New Year, New Design

Winter is here in all of her glory. Mother Nature has finally arrived upon Sassifras Hill. The trees are bare and the ground is a brilliant white all around us. The calming quiet around my studio is like a warm winter sweater upon my shoulders as I work. The only sound I hear is the soft breath of German Shepherds napping and the crackle of the wood stove keeping us cozy in the corner.

What do I do to fill the endless hours? Well sometimes I play with beads!

That is exactly what I have been doing since the New Year started. I decided it was time for a new design. I made a new template for 2019 and began to create the 1st Amulet of the year! “Sacred Walk” is now complete.

While I was creating “Sacred Walk” I took pictures to share with you so that you could see the steps it takes for an Amulet to come to life. So without making you wait any longer……. I hope you enjoy seeing how “Sacred Walk” came to life!

This is available for purchase @

“Sacred Walk”

A New Blessing

My parents decided to gift themselves with a baby German Shepherd puppy this year for an early Christmas gift to themselves. They have wanted another German Shepherd for a long time. They thought it would be best to get a puppy because they have 2 small dogs and felt that a puppy would be accepted better than a large dog. The little puppy is adorable of course and very smart. He had so much fun on his walks with his new Mom and Dad.

He loved all of the Christmas company in the house too. So many new people to play with he would just plop on the floor and pass out he was so tired at times.

Unfortunately his big sisters wanted nothing to do with having a new puppy in the house. Mitchel & Dixie were not accepting him at all. After three weeks of trying their best to make this work it was decided that it just was not going to happen.

Jerry and I drove to Ellwood on Wednesday January 2nd and brought him home with us! My parents “New Blessing” is now our “New Blessing” and what a joyful little boy he is. He fit right in and is having the time of his life playing with his new big brothers all day long. He learned how to use the dog door by Friday and now takes himself out to potty whenever he needs to! Blessings come in the most unexpected wrappings!

New Year New Beginnings!

The blessing of Christmas and cherished time spent with family is behind us. New years eve and New years day were just two quiet days in the cabin on the hill. Jerry, me & all of our furry children wondering what the new year would bring. Monday quietly rolled into Tuesday.

New Year, New beginnings! January 1st 2019 I started my new JOB! I am now officially self employed! My studio is now my work place and I am now my own boss! I have worked for this day for a very long time and this will be the BEST job I have ever had!